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What is Olaplex?

We launched the range OLAPLEX at Sabelle Cosmetics because this is of superior quality!

Through our various articles, we hope to illuminate your lantern on the multiple products we offer such as Brazilian smoothing, capillary btox, cryotherapy, Olaplex, coloring and even more....

Last capillary innovation from uncle Sam's country, this one is furious worldwide!

Olaplex treatment is a novelty in the world of hairstyle.

This treatment did not exist before. Olaplex treatment consists of a unique formulation that forms a protective barrier and repairs the hair by recreating the chemical bonds that break during any chemical treatment.

The brand OLAPLEX is filed and the treatment is patented as unique in its kind.

Multiple brands have launched their plexes but none have been able to compete with the now famous brand OLAPLEX

The results are visible from the first treatment OLAPLEX.

Olaplex is unique as it can be added and used in multiple ways.

The most famous technique is to add Olaplex in coloring and discoloration services.

Olaplex can also be used in many other ways that are less known.

Olaplex can also be used alone to reconstitute and repair the most damaged hair.

Another less known technique is the Brazilian smoothing combination and Olaplex in 1.

By adding Olaplex to the Brazilian smoothing, you can offer an extremely carefree combination for your customers.

The formula OLAPLEX contains neither proteins or silicones, sulfates,phtalates or DEA or aldehydes.

What do we get as a result with Olaplex?

The hair is immediately supple, shiny, the hair is strengthened, the coloring is brighter and the brilliance is long lasting

Olaplex is highly recommended for extreme discoloration and hair transformations or to give life to the most ternive hairs.

Olaplex is the must if you want to switch from a dark tone or a clear tone!

The large majority of trade shows in Europe now offer Olaplex which has become a MUST HAVE!

If the color tends to become dull, olaplex is then all indicated also

In our online store you will find the full range OLAPLEX

If you have a hairdresser and want to propose OLAPLEX, you can contact us and we will introduce you to the range OLAPLEX

The kit OLAPLEX INTRO SET SALON is the kit for hair salons

You will find all the range OLAPLEX in brands on our website

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