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Every year, cosmetic laboratories perform great research to find new hair treatment to enhance your hair

Since the night of time, it is known that the cold has a positive action on the hair.

As a result, research has been carried out in this direction.

As a result of many tests, it has been proven that a temperature below 10 degrees in combination with special products provides a highly damaged hair jouvence treatment.

This research was conducted in Zeeland

Cryotherapy is a hair revolution for life. The cold will act like an anti-ageing technique by healing broken parts.

cryotherapy should not be confused with Brazilian smoothing

The cold makes the hair up to 5 times more elastic which allows to have shiny and soft hair.

Thanks to the range of cryotherapy products from the brand Brazilicious Professional as well as the ICEPOD CRYO, the hair regains its youth and becomes soft, silky and shiny.

The cryogenic treatment contains a brand new concept of ‘cooling polymers’, which thanks to the cold-cooled hair repairs the most damaged hair. The latter also contains extracts of grape seeds (taninoplasty)

To achieve an optimal result, it is imperative to use the products with the machine

We offer a cryotherapy pack from the Brazilicious range. This one is available online and in our shop

Cryotherapy is the must to have in your hairdresser!

This brand new treatment will give a fresh air to the services you offer in your living room and will make your customers extremely satisfied

Now that you know more at the theoretical level, don't hesitate to contract us for our training on cryotherapy

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