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Cryotherapy DELUXE Straightener
Cryotherapy DELUXE Straightener
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Cryotherapy DELUXE Straightener
Cryotherapy DELUXE Straightener

Cryotherapy DELUXE Straightener

Cryotherapy DELUXE.

Cryotherapy - 16 degrees with an ultra-powerful engine and LEDS.

Cryotherapy is the latest revolution in terms of hair care. This intense treatment makes it possible to rejuvenate the hair fiber, and also makes it smoother, soft and shiny.

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Cryotherapy - 16 degrees with an ultra-powerful engine and LEDS

This treatment reduces frizz from 20% to 40%. Not to be confused with a Brazilian smoothing.

The treatment works directly on the epidermis, & fatty clusters.

The hair is very sensitized because of different chemical treatments. The cold lining allows to heal the hair fiber by repairing the forks. The hair becomes more elastic thanks to this treatment. Thanks to the range of cryotherapy products as well as the CRYO IPOD, the hair regains its youth and becomes soft, silky and shiny.

The cryogenic treatment contains a brand new concept of ‘cooling polymers’, which thanks to the cold-cooled hair repairs the most damaged hair. It also contains grape seed extracts (taninoplasty)

Instructions for use Wash the hair 1 time with the clarifying shampoo CRYO no. 1 Remove excess water using a towel

Mix the smoothing treatment with CRYO elixir (50:50)

Apply coarsely CRYOGENIC mixture

Leave pause 30 minutes

Turn on ICEPOD. Wait 15 seconds to reach temperature – 16 degrees

Pass the grinding lid 3 to 5 times

Extinguishing the ICEPOD

Make a brushing

Rinse 100% water

Dry and hair. To keep an optimal result, use the FROZEN SHAMP


Short hair : 10 ml step 2 + 5 ml CRYO ELIXIR

Half-length hair : 10 ml step 2 + 10 ml CRYO ELIXIR

Long hair: 15 ml step 2 + 15 ml CRYO ELIXIR

Extra-long hair 20 ml step 2 + 20 ml CRYO ELIXIR

IMPORTANT = Machines are emptied of their anti-freeze liquid for transport. Machines containing a liquid are prohibited by transport companies. Therefore the antifreeze is not added in the tank inside the machine

At the end of the operation of the machine, the bolts must be removed at the ends and pour antifreeze into the container apparant below. The machine doesn't work without this antifreeze. This is antifreeze used for cars.

After pouring it, just wait 30 minutes and turn on the machine and it will work


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