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Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium 3 x 1 L
Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium 3 x 1 L
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Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium 3 x 1 L
Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium 3 x 1 L
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Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium 3 x 1 L

New Packaging
Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium is a Brazilian smoothing that makes the hair smooth.
Keratin treatment is rich in protein and amino acids.
Last generation of Brazilian smoothing
Smooth result to 100% guaranteed
3 x 1 L

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Brazilian smoothing Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium has in its formula a perfect combination of coffee glycolic extract, cationic polymers and a mixture of amino acids that act intensely from the cuticle to the revitalizing and restructuring cortex hair, reducing porosity, creating a flexible protective film, giving body and movement and an instant stiffness, making hair healthier, hydrated, soft and

Honma Tokyo coffee premium 3 x 1000 ml The Brazilian smoothing Coffee Premium All Liss is the latest revolutionary kit proposed by the Honma TokyoProfessional brand.

This formula is intended for very dusty and/or fried hair, this treatment found the perfect combination to smooth, regenerate and restore the capillary cortex by bringing shine and vitality for a duration of 6 months. Its action is to reduce the volume while restructuring the hair by acting directly from the cortex to the cuticle. Specially designed for very frizzy or dusk hair the latest smoothing product of the brand Honma Professional, the COFFEE PREMIUM kit is of a formidable efficiency.

It acts directly from the cortex, extending its softening and restructuring action to the cuticle.

It domps the hair very frizzy and dusty of Maghreb/Afros type by significantly reducing the volume and bringing great flexibility. The material is processed for perfect smoothing. After the simple and fast application of the Brazilian smoothing product COFFEE PREMIUM ALL LISS, the hair will remain flexible and silky for about 6 months.

A very appreciable long-term effect! This kit Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium contains: Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium Shampoing purifying 1 l Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium Treatment at Keratin 1 l

Direction of employment Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium :

Wash hair 2 or 3 times if necessary with Deep Cleaning shampoo Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium (product 1).

Dry the hair completely. Divide hair into 4 parts. Apply Max Reduction & Liss Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium (product 2) wick without touching the root. Remove excess product using a fine tooth comb and then let act 20 minutes Dry hair 100%. You don't need to blow it. Divide hair into 4 parts.

Take a fine dick and smooth it to the iron to smooth as many times as necessary until the hair is perfectly steep. Once the hair cools, rinse the hair. Sprinkle hair then apply Mask Ultra Shine Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium (product 3).

Leave to act 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse. Dry and whistle as you wish.

What is Brazilian smoothing?

Much more than a hair smoothing technique, Brazilian smoothing is above all a way to maintain them.

It is essentially to feed the hair in depth by getting into liquid keratin inside the hair scales. The work is dried by wick, using plates. Then the hair gradually begins to stiffen and all washing is formally forbidden during the 3 days following the procedure.

After this period, you can wash them as usual. In drying, you just need to brush them so that they find their stiff and smooth appearance. How long can Brazilian smoothing hold? Brazilian smoothing is renowned not only for its efficiency, but also for the duration of the result. For the greatest happiness of those who do not always have the time to go to the hairdresser, this solution is very practical, because the smoothing can hold up to 4 months.

Well maintain its Brazilian smoothing Like hair coloring or permanent, Brazilian smoothing also requires a special care so that your hair remains healthy, hydrated and supple. Use a SLS-free shampoo (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) to ensure longevity of smoothing.

Indeed, the SLS helps to eliminate keratin. But it is the kerat that allows them to keep the hair smooth. In addition, any coloration is strongly recommended within 2 weeks of smoothing.

Contains: Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium 3 x 1 L


Deep Cleaning Shampoo No. 1 Coffee Premium Honma Tokyo: Eau Sodium laureth sulfate Cocamidopropyl beta seed extract of Coffea arabica (café arabica) Cocamide DEA Triéthanolamide Parfum Phenoxyethanol Chloride guar hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride sodium EDTA Ethylhex

Máscara Reconstrutora Intensiva N° 2 Coffee Premium Honma Tokyo: Eau Alcohol of cetyl Propylene glycol Parfum Cyclopentasiloxane Coffea arabica seed powder

Máscara Ultra Brilho N° 3 Coffee Premium Honma Tokyo : Eau Alcool de cétéaryl Diméthicone Fruit extract of Coffea arabica (café arabica) Cétrimonium chloride Parfum Polyquaternium-7 PEG-90M Butyrospermum parkii (cafair) Cyclopentasiloxane Phenoyethanol EDTA Acids of Keratin Ethylglycerin BHT


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